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Frequently asked questions


What is an NFT patch?

What is an NFT?

What is a wallet? What is an NFT wallet?

How do I get my NFT certificate of authenticity back?

I already have an NFT wallet. Can I transfer the Philatelic NFT stamp to it?

Can I give one or more NFT stamps to my children or grandchildren?

What are gas costs and how are they calculated?

Will I be able to exchange my NFT stamps in the future?

Is the NFT stamp completely safe from a legal and regulatory point of view?

Is there an NFT stamp rating?

How many issues is Philaposte planning?

Do NFT stamps exist in other countries?

Can I buy NFT stamps from other countries?

Can I display my NFT stamps virtually?

Can I buy as many NFT stamps as I want?

I've read that blockchain uses a lot of energy. Is the issue of NFT stamps compatible with La Poste's CSR commitments?

To which blockchain is my NFT stamp linked?

I've heard that some blockchains go bankrupt. What happens to my NFT if the blockchain hosting it goes bankrupt?

Can my NFTs be hacked?

How do I get the 1st day stamp affixed to my physical stamp?