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Discover the new collection NFTimbre

A new family of stamps to add to your collection.

The concept

What's it for?

What is an NFTimbre?

Forget the technical jargon! NFTimbre is first and foremost a "physical" stamp. What makes it different? It comes in a digital version, in the form of a virtual image. This image is associated with a unique, forgery-proof certificate of ownership (the famous NFT issued on the blockchain). This certificate adds value to the stamps and opens up new horizons for collectors.

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Why buy an NFTimbre?

Innovate in the art of collecting

Launching new series, creating a virtual gallery to display all your NFT stamps, animating collectors' communities, creating NFT certificates for your existing physical stamps...: invent new ways to bring your collections to life.

Philaposte makes your life easier

The stages

How does it work?

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Our development

And next

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Any questions?

What is an NFT patch?

What is an NFT?

What is a wallet? What is an NFT wallet?

How do I get my NFT certificate of authenticity back?

I already have an NFT wallet. Can I transfer the Philatelic NFT stamp to it?

Can I give one or more NFT stamps to my children or grandchildren?

What are gas costs and how are they calculated?

Will I be able to exchange my NFT stamps in the future?

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